Lina K. from Arizona

Lina K. Pharmacist AZ

My name is Lina K, and I was seeking an opportunity to acquire a pharmacy, or partner with an existing pharmacy to expand their business.  I built a pharmacy in Michigan in 2009, and sold it in 2013 when I moved to Arizona.  In June of 2014, I developed a business relationship with Diversified Pharmacy Solutions, LLC (Triavo Health) .  I have been very pleased that I partnered with them.   Here are several reasons why.

  1. Diversified Pharmacy Solutions, LLC (Triavo Health) is true to their mission.  From day one, they treated me as if I was their only client, even though they service the entire country.
  2. Diversified’s representatives, especially Joel Rhoads are easily accessible, and are more than willing to answer my questions.
  3. The Brokerage and Consulting services they offer are only focussed on pharmacy, and it was evident that they know the business very well.  They helped me find a Pharmacy venture that was perfectly suited for me.  Furthermore, I know that without Diversified Pharmacy Solutions, LLC, I would not have found the relationship that I found.
  4. Diversified Pharmacy Solutions, LLC (Triavo Health) kept their word with the confidentiality agreements we signed.

For these reasons, I highly recommend Diversified Pharmacy Solutions (Triavo Health) for anyone looking to buy or sell a pharmacy.
Lina K
(this client has invited anyone interested in buying or selling a pharmacy to contact her.  If you are interested, please call us at 520-271-7413, and we will be happy to pass along her information.)

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