Trust, Honesty, and Partnership - these are the core values that Triavo Health was founded on.  

Our team has spent years in the healthcare field building trust with our clients.  From pharmacy and medical practice owners, to buyers, to the multitude of other clients we have worked with, our reputation of getting deals done, while building strong relationships have been critical to our success. 

As a pharmacy or medical practice owner interested in selling, there are many questions that may come to mind.  

How much is my business worth?  Who would want to buy my pharmacy or medical practice?  What are the factors that can increase, decrease the value of my business?  These are just a few questions that our experts here at Triavo Health are prepared to answer. 

It has never been more complex to sell a business in healthcare.

With the changing healthcare landscape, the complexities of selling a pharmacy or medical practic are immense. We at Triavo Health are here to be your partner to navigate this process, all with the ultimate goal of getting you top dollar for your business.  Let us help you along the way!

Your confidentiality is our top priority.  

What’s confidential to you is confidential to us!  We make sure we retain a non-disclosure for all buyers AND sellers.  If you are interested in selling your pharmacy or medical practice, contact us by phone at 520-271-7413 or by e-mail at [email protected].  You can also click HERE to fill out our seller form.