Triavo Health has done over 200 million dollars in closed deals. 

Interested in Selling

There are a lot of questions you may ask yourself when selling a business.

- How much is my business worth?

- Who would want to buy my business?

- What are the legal requirements to selling a pharmacy, hospice, medical practice or physical therapy?

- What makes my business special?

- Are there any risks I should know about?

- How do I sell my practice without telling the whole world?

These are just a few of the questions we deal with every day. The fact is, it has never been more complicated to sell a business in healthcare, and it takes an expert to sell a pharmacy, medical practice or physical therapy legally and for top dollar to the correct buyer while maintaining confidentiality. We make sure we retain a non-disclosure form for all our buyers AND sellers. If you are interested in selling your pharmacy, hospice, medical practice or physical therapy, contact us by phone at 520-271-7413 or by email [email protected]


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