Jayson Norris

Jayson Norris President - Blue Summit Medical Group

President, Blue Summit Medical Group

Had the ability to work with the Triavo team and they were absolutely fantastic. They keep on top of everything and are always there to keep things organized. This is extremely advantageous from a buyer standpoint as we can truly focus on the items that need to be addressed without all of the headaches of trying to track down items. This team is of the highest quality when it comes to integrity which is key in the M&A space. Highly recommend and plan to work with them again soon!

Anab Ali, RN, CEO

Anab Ali, RN, CEO Joel and his team have helped has us all through the process of selling Oasis Home Healthcare, Inc. They have been so professional caring and sincerely about the process. Their communication was unmatched, they kept us abreast of all big and small details. They are trusty worthy very skillful Triavo Health, LLC, were blessing to us in the during the detained and lengthy process of the do diligent, they streamed lined and really provided us with comfort and knowledge knowing they had our back while we went through long and sometimes stressful requirements that comes with selling fairly complex home healthcare practice. I would recommend Triavo Health , LLC to any one planning to sell their business big or small you can be sure that you are in good hands with them. I thank you for such an outstanding services that you provided to us!

Shahryar Barzegae

Shahryar Barzegae CEO-Xpress Med Pharmacy I was referred to Joel and has team through a friend who had done work with them previously. I would have to say Joel was an absolute caring and committing professional . He went above and beyond to help me not only with getting the best valuation for my pharmacy but also with all other matters that went hand to hand with it. Joel was extremely easy to reach and available by calls, text messages and emails. Even though we lived in two different timezones (Pacific vs Eastern time), he was available day and night. He walked me through every step of the process, took the time to help me understand the whole process and was passionate about his work. I would have to say not only he did an amazing job, he also taught me a lot and I would carry with my in my future business endeavors all I learned from this process. I highly recommend him and also am looking forward to use his expertise in the future. In one sentence, Joel and his team are absolute game changers and I couldn't be happier.

CEO-Xpress Med Pharmacy

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