Grace Rexall From Arizona

Olufemi Omodara Rph Owner- Grace Rexall Drugs AZ

I want to say a big thank you to Joel Rhoads for being a huge support system when i sold my two pharmacies in July 2017. He was there from the beginning to the very end. He made sure I came out with a huge chunk of profit, by being my spokesperson with the company that bought the files. He was able to negotiate very well on my behalf. I like the fact that  he is a pharmacist and had owned his own pharmacies, it made the process seamless.He has integrity, and I am glad i worked with him. It was important for me to work with someone that had a higher being they believed in, and Joel was that person. He represented me at closing because I had prior engagement. He told me not to worry about it, his brother will stand in for me and he did. My pastor was at closing, to stand in for me and she said Joel went over and above the call of duty to make sure all went well.If i had to sell any pharmacy in the future, I will still work with Joel Rhoads!You rock Joel!!

Robert Quinn from California

Dr. Robert Quinn, PharmD Owner CA

Two years ago my compounding pharmacy was struggling to remain in business in light of significant changes affecting the practice. Selling my pharmacy was a very strong consideration.  I initially contacted Joel and Justin Rhoads to ask for help with the sale.  When they both came to pay a personal visit to my pharmacy, I discovered that they provide much more than just an avenue for sale.  They took the time to assess my entire situation and discuss ways to maximize profits by “restructuring” and “retooling.” They had the answers. Then, they went to work! They modified everything from my services, to staffing, to work flow!  Two years later they still check in with me to see how we are doing.  I can’t thank Justin and Joel enough for believing in me and caring about my practice.</em>

Dr. Ike from California

Dr. Ike Owner CA

To my fellow pharmacy owners,

I really highly recommend Joel and his team for any pharmacy
buy or sell transaction. Joel is very professional and will always strive to do
better than expected. He got me a very quick sell of my pharmacy as I couldn't
secure a new lease and was facing eviction. The whole transaction took about 3
weeks and the price was what I wanted.

Great service! Thank you Joel

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