Gary M. From NY – Director of Pharmacy Acquisitions

Gary M. Director of Pharmacy Acquisitions NY

The team, led by Joel Rhoads, has been a pleasure to deal with. While they represent their sellers with the highest level of respect and concern they also deal with buyers in the same manner and with the highest level of integrity. They are responsive and efficient. I feel comfortable with opportunities that Joel presents to me knowing that he has carefully vetted the business as well. Brokers who are also pharmacists and former independent owners just seem to "get it"

Healthcare Attorney

Healthcare Attorney I P

As an attorney specializing in healthcare, I have worked with Joel on several occasions and my clients were satisfied with the results. Joel and his company, Diversified Pharmacy Solutions (Triavo Health), provide valuable services in highly professional manner. This firm consistently demonstrates competence and professional integrity that my clients need when looking for reputable broker. I highly recommend Diversified Pharmacy Solutions (Triavo Health) to anyone looking for assistance with purchase or sale of a pharmacy.

Prem K from Texas

Prem K Owner TX

I have worked with Joel Rhoads on multiple occasions to acquire pharmacies and would highly recommend them.  They are very knowledgeable about the industry, and I would encourage anyone looking to buy or sell to at least contact them first.


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