Dr. Bill Martz

About Dr. Martz

William Martz, MD graduated from University of Arizona and has been a licensed physician in Arizona since 1995.

In the last 25 years Dr. William Martz has been the Medical Director of four hospice entities, was the founder and principal owner of two hospice entities along with serving as founder and principal owner of two large geriatric medical groups in Tucson, Arizona.

Dr. Martz has had experience in selling and transitioning hospice and geriatric medical groups and consulting with hospice entities in Southern Arizona for over five years.

Dr. Martz joined the Triavo Health team as Vice President Medical Acquisitions in 2019 with extensive knowledge and skill with Hospice entities.


Bryan Henderson RPh Owner-Pharmacist Crestview, FL

Joel did a great job helping us find the right buyer and worked constantly to keep the process moving. Joel and his brother Justin are great people with much knowledge of how these transactions need to be handled. They understand the financial as well as the emotional part of the business that we have worked so hard for so many years to build.